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Cash loans

If this is a person who has had a bank account for a long time and this account is regularly credited with money, a cash loan can be withdrawn even immediately, several minutes after submitting the online application in the online transaction system. However, in the case of fresh customers whose financial history is too […]

Is Buying Off Your Study Years Interesting?

The self-employed and employees can now also see whether it is interesting for them to ‘buy off’ their study years in order to receive a higher pension later. It is sufficient for them to surf to mypension.be, register there and then do a simulation. Initially this was only possible for civil servants, now also for […]

Short Term Loan for Self Employed and Small Firms

What is a short-term loan? A short-term loan is a form of credit, also known as express credit. A short-term loan is, by analogy, a tight-lined loan. The purpose of this loan is the short-term bridging of a financial shortage. The self-employed and SMEs often use the short-term loan only until the next time they […]

Specifying Collateral Increases Opportunity for Loan!

When loan for the self-employed many banks see red! As a matter of fact, many banks initially refrain from lending to the self-employed . The effort required to evaluate creditworthiness for the self-employed is often considered too high. This applies in particular if the requested loan volume is relatively low (up to 100,000 euros). In […]

SME tip: Best corporate loan from 220 financial service providers and banks!

Where can I find the suitable financing partner for me? For self-employed, business people, freelancers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), since the new Basel III corporate financing regulations came into force, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain the necessary credit financing from their bank. All the more so when it comes to time-critical […]

SME Finance Tip: With Entrepreneur Loan!

What is a Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan? According to Wikipedia, the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan comes from the Intrasavings bank, the world’s largest national promotional bank, as well as Germany’s third-largest bank by total assets. Intrasavings bank was founded in 1948 on the basis of the law governing the Reconstruction Loan Corporation as a public-law […]

Short-term loans up to € 100,000 also for self-employed, freelancers and SMEs

Inancingent supplements its loan offer in the short term for self-employed, freelancers and small companies! The financing portal Inancingent complements its offer in the segment of short-term loans up to € 100,000 for small and micro enterprises, self-employed and freelancers. This is done in cooperation with the Financial Technologies company financinga, which specializes in arranging […]